Best Television Shows of Alltime

In no particular order I will reveal to all of you five television shows that I believe are GREAT! I have thought diligently about this for a few days and I believe I have devised a list of shows that I could watch on loop the rest of my life and be totally content. Now this list might be skewed a bit because I didn’t take into account older shows. This is not meaning I am not a fan of older shows. I love older shows! The Andy Griffith Show, Murder She Wrote, and Momma’s Family are shows that tickle my tummy every time I see them on TV, but for this list I wanted recent shows that were BOMB! So read and learn your role!

  1. Seinfeld – This show was a constant in my life for years. I remember begging my parents to let me stay up just a little bit past nine so I could catch the rerun of that nights Seinfeld. The story lines were so absurd, but yet you thought your life was the model for the show. “The show about nothing” was the whole concept of Seinfeld and it really was. When I think about it now I realize how genius the show actually was. You can buy all seasons on DVD and I promise it would be worth it. seinfeld
  2. 24 – Two words, one man, Jack Bauer! If you ever pondered what can one man do to help save the world? Well use Jack Bauer as your model. I have seen Jack Bauer bite a Chinese man’s jugular out to escape from a prison camp. I have seen Jack Bauer die and come back to life. He is not human, he is my model American citizen. When I’m in a hairy situation I will honestly sit and think to myself, “What would Jack Bauer do?”, I really do that! If I could either have any superpower or be Jack Bauer I would chose to be Jack Bauer. The new season will be on FOX next year… I’m pumped! 24_season_7_cast
  3. Arrested Development – If there were ever a show that was ahead of its time it was this show. I watched the pilot episode on my 13 inch TV in my room when I was in middle school, and I never missed an episode for the three seasons it was out. Back then I didn’t get all the innuendos and jokes, but now that I am older I catch it all, and hilarious. Micheal Cera is in it, and I know some of you out there are just in love with his awkwardness. Season 2 is my favorite FYI. arrested-development
  4. The Office – The show is just a snapshot of our generation. This show will probably define us when vh1 puts out I love 2000.  theoffice
  5. Curb your Enthusiasm – I started with a show created by Larry David and I will end with a show created by Larry David. Curb your Enthusiasm is the R-rated version of Seinfeld. It airs on HBO Sunday nights. Have you ever watched HBO’s Sunday night line up? It is amazing. The show is about nothing just like Seinfeld, Larry David plays a producer and just runs into a whole mess of problems that would never happen to you and I. curb-your-enthusiasm-logo1

So when you have a free moment go rent or buy a season of one of these shows. I promise you that you will be left wanting more. Hope everyone is having a zippity-do-da week and I lurve you all!


OHHHH and beard update.Nov 12th



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2 responses to “Best Television Shows of Alltime

  1. i feel like How I Met Your Mother should be on this list :/

    • Bryan Mathews

      I have never watched the show Alex. Jason Segel writes it though and he is hilarious. I watched two shows last night on ABC that were really funny. Modern Families and The Middle. Both very funny.

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