National Popcorn Day

Today, January19th, is National Popcorn Day. I myself am a big fan of popcorn. It can come in many different flavors and assortments. Plain, buttered, extra salted, caramel, cheese flavored, and chocolate just to name a handful. My all time favorite popcorn flavor though is caramel.  Ever since I opened that first Cracker Jack box and put that first caramel flavored kernel in my mouth I have been hooked. Whether it be Cracker Jacks, Crunch n Munch, or gourmet caramel popcorn served in a tin, I find myself not wanting to stop placing a handful of  popcorn in my mouth every 5 seconds.

What makes popcorn so gret though? Is it the fact that it is so low in fat? Or could it be the ease of making it? Maybe it is the way we associate popcorn. I mean you eat popcorn when you go to the movies, and movies are a fun thing to watch. You can snuggle up to someone special, and share a bucket of popcorn and be happy. Popcorn is something you can share with about anyone. I myself enjoy playing games with animals as I eat popcorn, my dogs love popcorn. popcorn is also enjoyed at sporting events. There isn’t much that can beat your team winning a game while you eat a bag of popcorn.

So whatever it is that makes us like popcorn so much lets appreciate that, and honor popcorn. Orville Redenbacher would be proud of us!


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