About the bloggers


My name is Bryan Mathews im 22 years young and I am a senior secondary education major at Oklahoma State University. Im gonna be a teacher one day, and just think the things you read on this blog are the same things that will be going through my head when i shape the minds of America’s youth in the future.  Fear not though I’m a total professional. I love observing people and writing about it, and trying to find the funny things in life.  Just enjoy the blog, and don’t take everything I say so seriously.

Hello, I am Brock Colombin. I am from wonderful Okmulgee, Ok. Currently I am a junior at Oklahoma State University. I have had many a major and think I might have settled for an English degree. Who knows though? I certainly don’t. Anyway, I look forward to the things to come on this blog. I just hope that you all enjoy it and the greatness that is Thrillwaters Run Deep!

Brock and Bryan


2 responses to “About the bloggers

  1. Lindsey

    Love you guys. 🙂 🙂 Visit me sometime.

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