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National Popcorn Day

Today, January19th, is National Popcorn Day. I myself am a big fan of popcorn. It can come in many different flavors and assortments. Plain, buttered, extra salted, caramel, cheese flavored, and chocolate just to name a handful. My all time favorite popcorn flavor though is caramel.  Ever since I opened that first Cracker Jack box and put that first caramel flavored kernel in my mouth I have been hooked. Whether it be Cracker Jacks, Crunch n Munch, or gourmet caramel popcorn served in a tin, I find myself not wanting to stop placing a handful of  popcorn in my mouth every 5 seconds.

What makes popcorn so gret though? Is it the fact that it is so low in fat? Or could it be the ease of making it? Maybe it is the way we associate popcorn. I mean you eat popcorn when you go to the movies, and movies are a fun thing to watch. You can snuggle up to someone special, and share a bucket of popcorn and be happy. Popcorn is something you can share with about anyone. I myself enjoy playing games with animals as I eat popcorn, my dogs love popcorn. popcorn is also enjoyed at sporting events. There isn’t much that can beat your team winning a game while you eat a bag of popcorn.

So whatever it is that makes us like popcorn so much lets appreciate that, and honor popcorn. Orville Redenbacher would be proud of us!


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I’m With Coco.

I shall dedicate this blog to a very special person. This special person is Conan O’Brien. Conan has had a place in my heart for awhile now. He has made millions laugh at his funny remarks. Not to mention the laughs the he brought us at the expense of his “Walker, Texas Ranger” lever. If you do not know why I am writing this by know I shall tell you a brief story.

NBC has aired The Tonight Show since 1954. The most notable host is of course Johnny Carson. Carson, however, is not the problem in this situation. Carson left the show in 1992 and was replaced with Jay Leno. Leno continued his run until 2009 and was replaced by Conan O’Brien.

O’Brien was once the host of “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” He started the gig in 1993 where he held it until 2009, when he was called up to the big leagues.

Now it seems that NBC has stuck their foot in their mouth and are trying to push back his time slot. They are trying to make room for Leno’s show, which is getting moved back in an attempt to make better ratings.

As a youthful watcher of the “Tonight Show” it pains me to see one of the best comedians getting pushed around. Conan stated that he will leave the show if they push it back until 12:05 AM. I am glad that he wont support this change. I support him and so should you.

There are several ways to support Conan. One is to join this facebook group.

Come on everyone and support Conan. If you don’t we could be missing out on this sweet action.


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Thought of the Day

It is not length of life, but depth of life.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

On that note. Have a terrific day and make it count.

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Another video to cure your final blues

Unless you live under a rock, you should know that the New Orleans Saints are 12-0 thus far this season.  They are lead by my starting fantasy league quarterback Drew Brees and a high powered offense. Being undefeated is a very hard task to pull off these days, especially in the NFL. There has only been 1 team finish an entire football season undefeated, and that is the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

You sit and wonder to yourself, “Geez my eighth grade football team went undefeated. Why is it so hard for NFL teams to go undefeated?” or “My high school team went undefeated my senior year and we won by more than 30 every game, why can’t these NFL teams be as awesome as I was in high school?”                                                                          Well my friend I will tell you why it is so difficult for NFL teams to go undefeated. It’s because every week two teams with 106 of the top athletes in the world (well 102 minus all the kickers) play against each other. The NFL is the very top level of professional football. You have to be THE BEST to play in the NFL. I’ll drop some knowledge on you. You remember all 60 people that played on your high school football team? Well according to statistics from the NCAA  .008% of those players will make it to play professional football. So maybe if you combined 125 high school football players into 1 person you would have a NFL caliber athlete.

Every game that the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts play from here on out they will have a target on their chests, and guess who will be aiming for that target trying to take them down? 53 of the best athletes in the world.

All of that brings me to this video. So last weekend the New Orleans Saints barely beat the Washington Redskins, who are very very bad at playing tackle football. Well, we all know that New Orleans is in the bayou country, and down in the bayou country they work hard and party hard too. Some shameless Redskin fan bet his 60 inch TV on the Redskins over the Saints. The Saints pulled off the win, and in his words, “a bet is a bet”. His friends destroyed his TV. Poor soul

Now for your viewing pleasure, the video.


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Bill Dance

I went to a rural high school in Oklahoma, so hunting and fishing were often hobbies of my peers and classmates. At my alma mater sports were during 7th period, which was the last period of the day. Now the posse I ran with were pretty into sports, and winning basketball/football games so 7th period and a couple hours after school were fully dedicated to practicing and sharpening our sports skills. Practices were always a requirement unless you were sick or dying, but most the time you would try and fight through the sickness and death just to show your loyalty to to your coach and teammates.

Now there are always people that are apart of your sporting teams that aren’t as good as everyone else, but they come to practice all the time and work out with you. We had a kid like that on my basketball team, but this kid wasn’t just not as good as everyone else, he was awful. He couldn’t dribble, pass, or shoot. He never hustled and often cried because he wouldn’t be paying attention and would get hit in the face with the basketball. He wasn’t at practice to get better because he had already reached the pinnacle of his basketball career which was worse than my 1 year old nephew, who just started to stand on his own.

One day he showed up to practice in street clothes, and went up to my basketball coach and asked if it would be alright if he missed practice that day. My coach asked why he was missing practice and he said he had to be somewhere. You would think the kid would have lied and said he had a doctors appointment or something, but he told him straight up he was going fishing. My coach gave him a bewildered look as he pondered upon what the kid just said, and then said okay and left it alone. From that day forward the kid that missed practice to go fishing had a nickname. His nickname was Bill Dance, world renowned angler.

The reason I told you this story was because I stumbled upon a blooper video from Bill Dance’s old television show. I literally was in tears from watching this video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Hopefully this will take your mind off finals for a bit.

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Places To Get Your Study On!

Hey everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed those Noshavemeber pictures. Yes, it is true. Bryan did have a rat tail for about two minutes. We could not talk him into keeping it. Regardless, if you have facial hair this next blog is about studying. If you are in college there is one thing you are suppose to do during dead week. That one thing is study. Here are some places we can recommend for you.

1. The Library- You know that place that all of your teachers refer to you as “the place with all the books.” Well, ours here in the Thrill has a nice abundance of desks and tables for you to get your swerve on. It has all different floors for all different study modes. If you want to be quiet then go to the quiet section. You can also swing by and pick up a nice cup of joe on the first floor. Which bring us to another location.

2. Local Coffee Shop- Yummm. Nothing says study like drinking enough coffee to keep you up for days. Anyway, go ahead go find your local coffee shop, sit down, put in your headphones and learn what really happens with a projectile motion.

3. Your room- Yes, your own room, you big dummy. Shut and lock your door, turn to page 1254 and get to cracking on what happens at the end of Gulliver’s Travels. The only problem with this is you can get easily distracted. Kind of like I am now…

Well I have to get my swerve on. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you enjoy this upcoming video.

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November 23rd beard update


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